Extra Distance Winners

Children, Family & Community Services Division

Allison Hobart

Operations Supervisor

Allison Hobart is the hub of the many daily activities that occur at BAMSI’s Whitman Counseling Center.  As the Operations Supervisor, Allison’s role supporting clinicians, clinical supervisors, and the administrative team overseeing submission of billing, scheduling and the myriad of tasks that are necessary in this very busy center.  During the recent medical leave of the Clinic’s Director of Operations, Allison stepped in assuming a leadership role in order to ensure that operations at the clinic were uninterrupted and ran efficiently. She took on many extra tasks while working many long days with a very positive, flexible and upbeat attitude.

Allison is highly organized and skilled with an innate desire to go above and beyond. This was clearly demonstrated during the very intensive roll out of the Clinic’s electronic health record. She made significant contributions to this effort and was truly seen as the key to the success of the roll-out of this major project. Additionally, Allison was instrumental in the successful CARF accreditation process.   Allison worked for months with staff preparing and actually co-led the survey process.

Allison is truly seen as a champion for enhancements at the Center. She sets a positive tone at the clinic; is calm, respectfully, resourceful, and thoughtful.  Allison is the unassuming but steady pulse of the clinic. Allison truly goes “the Extra Distance” every day.

For all these reasons and more, we are delighted to present the Extra Distance Award to Allison Hobart.

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