Extra Distance Winners

Adult Services Division

Barbara Knight

Day Support Professional

Barbara Knight has worked tirelessly at a BAMSI Day Habilitation Program for 8 years. During her years at this high intensity Day Hab, Barbara has touched the lives of countless individuals. Barbara’s nominator states she is the epitome of the phrases “hard worker” and “dedicated teacher”. Every day, she goes above and beyond always putting the needs of the person served first. Along with her extraordinary efforts, Barbara puts in countless hours at home to research, build, and plan group activities that address the needs of all persons served. The activities she designs are not only educational and fun, but they motivate all persons served to participate, often modifying activities so everyone can participate.

Upon the implementation of Positive Behavioral Supports, Barbara’s “super star” status was furthered as she became a PBS leader. One example of her commitment to PBS ideals was her idea to establish a coffee bar. She worked with one individual about health and nutrition using the coffee as a positive reinforcement and a teaching method while also giving the person individualized attention that they loved. It is said that Barbara’s positive attitude and helpful manner puts a smile on everyone’s face. It is our pleasure to present the Extra Distance Award to Barbara Knight.

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