Extra Distance Winners

Children, Family, and Community Services

Gretchen McHugh

Nutrition Assistant

Gretchen is a Nutrition Assistant at one of BAMSI’s WIC programs. Gretchen’s “person-served first attitude” is evident and apparent in her work every day.  Gretchen is extraordinarily kind, compassionate and works to build a trusting relationship with each pregnant or parenting mom so that they feel very comfortable being honest and open with her. Gretchen works with families to develop realistic, individualized, attainable goals while being empathetic to each person’s challenges and needs. Gretchen constantly looks for ways to improve always going above and beyond offering assistant to her co-workers and the program director.

It is said that Gretchen brings out the best in everyone at the WIC office. The program director, who has worked with Gretchen for 25 years says, “Gretchen has done an incredible job empowering families, educating them and helping them be better able to make healthier eating choices and developing healthy nutrition habits which works to promote good health for a lifetime. Gretchen fosters team spirit, communications positively and effectively with both participants and coworkers, is always willing to lend a helping hand, is extremely responsible and does all of this in a quiet, humble, unpretentious way. Gretchen truly exemplifies the mission of BAMSI and the WIC program”.

For all these reasons and more, we are delighted to present the Extra Distance Award to Gretchen McHugh.

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