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Adult Services

Kayla Jones

Respiratory Therapist Assistant

Kayla is a Rehabilitation Therapy Assistant at a BAMSI Day Habilitation Center; a program with an extremely physically and medically complex population. Kayla has taken on many of the responsibilities of the Service Manager this year during two transitions periods when the program was without this position while simultaneously excelling at her responsibilities as a Rehabilitation Therapy Support staff member. During this time when she served as interim Day Hab Manager, she sought out trainings to quickly learn how to complete some of the administrative duties and related paperwork.

Every day, Kayla’s number one concern is meeting the needs of all the person’s served. She is extremely effective whether leading group activities or working one on one with person’s served, all while managing the largest caseload at the Day Habilitation. Kayla manages it all, ensuring that all persons served can progress towards achieving their goals. Additionally, Kayla has developed a great rapport with her colleagues, persons served, and supervisors and offers leadership and mentoring to staff every day. Her help, advice and training has helped foster great team spirit and cooperation at the Day Habilitation.

For all these reasons and more, we are delighted to present the Extra Distance Award to Kayla Jones.

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