Extra Distance Winners

Adult Services

Rosemary Miller

Speech and Language Therapist

It is said of Rosie, that she is one of the go-to people in the Adult Services Division. She covers many programs but is always the one willing to take on any new task to help an individual or to provide incredible support across various programs. Rosie works diligently and creatively providing innovative solutions to persons served. One such example is when an individual with very significant behavioral challenges moved in to a BAMSI home.  Rosie immediately assessed the individual and quickly indentified triggers that caused him to react in an unproductive manner.  Rosie recommended appropriate responses and, due to Rosie’s’ insight, hard work and support, the individual made significant improvements fairly quickly.

Rosie makes persons served feel supported, understood, and able to conquer anything.    Her approach is one of assessing strengths and abilities of the individuals she works with and not just on their needs. She truly epitomizes the BAMSI mission as she works to “empower individuals through compassionate support and diverse services, one individual at a time”.  Rosie works tirelessly to enhance the overall quality of life for those persons served that she works with.  Her ability to be there for everyone in her region has also served to foster team spirit while setting an example for others. Rosie is truly a role model for many who watch her unselfishness, kindness and commitment to the individuals in her care.

For all these reasons and more, we are delighted to present the Extra Distance Award to Rosemary Miller.

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