Extra Distance Winners

Adult Services

Sharon Alfred


Sharon Alfred is a nurse in BAMSI’s Adult Services Division. At a time when 3 new houses were opening, Sharon seamlessly stepped in, attending to every detail. She was able to assess each house and determine where the needs were greatest and then adjusted her schedule accordingly to accommodate the new residential programs. Her nominators stated that Sharon facilitates increased quality of care as well as great team work. Sharon is encouraging to managers and staff during her time in each home. It has been said by persons served how much they appreciate the care she provides to them.

Sharon was extremely effective at providing a tremendous amount of teaching to Program Managers and staff. The Program Managers were extremely impressed with her teaching of both staff and several new managers. Sharon is very personable and understanding of staff training needs and conducted each training thoroughly and with great detail. Staff was very grateful for her sharing of knowledge with a true teaching spirit.

For her continuity of care of persons served and her support of staff through her extra effort in providing high quality training, we are delighted to present the Extra Distance Award to Sharon Alfred.

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