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Sheila Mooney


“Empathetic,” “organized,” and “a great listener…” are abilities we strive for in the field of human services. Well, these are some of the qualities that supervisees of Sheila Mooney use to describe her. Sheila not only demonstrates these skills but also fosters these skills in those she works with in her supervisory role at Whitman Counseling.

Sheila is said to be well-versed in clinic protocol and helps her team members adhere to them. She understands the challenges, needs, and barriers of clinicians and helps them to navigate the counseling process. Sheila provides positive feedback, humor, guidance, and insight to clinicians and interns she supervises, and uses their strengths to support their individual professional growth. The Co-occurring team members at Whitman testify that she supervises them with great integrity and conviction. They also find great importance in the treats she brings to meetings!

Sheila has also earned the acknowledgement of being an insightful and veteran clinician with a list of very satisfied individuals served and her colleagues. She believes in continuous learning and is always willing to attend a workshop or training and then shares the information learned with staff at Whitman. Sheila believes in the mission of Whitman Counseling Center, and she cares about the individuals-served, interns, and staff at Whitman Counseling. We thank you Sheila for you commitment to Whitman Counseling Center and for going the extra distance in your service to others, not forgetting the treats!

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