Extra Distance Winners

Children, Family, and Community Services

Vinda Fernandes

WIC Nutrition Assistant

Imagine being a teenager and finding yourself pregnant with nowhere to turn…

Place yourself in the shoe of a parent of a child diagnosed with developmental delays…

What if you desperately need assistance for your child but English is not your first language?

These are just some of the individuals that Vinda encounters, and diligently serves, on a daily basis. She is known to provide such service with ease and great compassion.  Vinda, who is bilingual 0in English and Cape Verdean Creole, often provides needed interpretation for nutritionists and she answers many calls from WIC participants who are seeking assistance. Vinda seems to intuitively understand the individual plights of participants, and listens carefully while assessing needs, and responding with utmost respect and compassion. Vinda seems to effortlessly juggle an often overwhelming amount of WIC participants with a spirit of gentleness and understanding. Her dedication is also demonstrated in her efforts to keep in touch with individuals between appointments and seeking resources to fulfill their basic needs. On behalf of the WIC program and its participants, we thank you Vinda for “going the extra distance” in serving an under-served population.

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