Family Support Services

Intensive Flexible Support (IFFS)

Intensive Flexible Family Support Services (IFFS) provides a time-limited, specialized service for families experiencing significant challenges that place their children at risk of out-of-home placement.

Families who are at risk of having their child placed outside of the home require a high level of support, which is provided by IFFS. IFFS also provides a variety of resources and linkages to stabilize the situation and sustain the family over time.

IFFS services are co-located at BAMSI’s Family Support Center in Hanover. IFFS focuses specifically on each individual family and their needs. A family-specific plan is developed with family members instrumental in identifying goals to address immediate concerns and evolve into a plan for sustainability. In addition to identifying needs, a strengths discovery is conducted with each family to identify natural resources and current or potential supports that can be utilized, thus allowing the child to remain successfully at home.

In order to achieve the ultimate goal of avoiding out-of-home placement, short-term goals are established to stabilize the family situation and alleviate immediate stress. An assessment of current family supports (i.e., assistance from other family members, local school systems, doctors) occurs, allowing staff to focus efforts on the greatest areas of need and additional supports to seek. Additional support may include financial assistance, further help from family or community supports, child care, counseling, medical care, peer relationships, or other areas.

Through IFFS, the goal for each family is to transition to less intensive supports within 6 – 12 months. One option for families is to transition from IFFS to BAMSI’s less intensive Family Support Center. Continued service from any of the programs to which the family was referred through BAMSI is also available. IFFS staff works with the family and the local DDS office to ensure a successful transition.

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