HIV ServicesServices

Confidential HIV/HCV, Syphilis, Chlamydia/Gonorrhea TestingLearn More

Confidential testing for HIV.  Counseling and referral to a health care professional is available upon results of the test.

Case ManagementLearn More

Case Management serves individuals infected by HIV and their families, providing access to medical, social, and support services to help individuals better manage their health and well-being and improve their overall quality of life.  Today, HIV is no longer considered a terminal illness, but rather a manageable chronic health condition. With essential supports and encouragement, people with HIV can continue to live full and useful lives.

Community Outreach, Prevention, and Education (C.O.P.E.)Learn More

The C.O.P.E. Center provides HIV outreach, education, counseling, and testing to individuals at risk of infection and opiate overdose.  Services are provided through a drop-in center as well as street outreach.