Massachusetts Department of Mental Health

Collaboration to Support Mental Health

The Mass Department of Mental Health, as the State Mental Health Authority, assures and provides access to services and supports to meet the mental health needs of individuals of all ages; enabling them to live, work and participate in their communities.

Mass DMH funds and helps make it possible for BAMSI to offer several programs serving our local communities.

Parent Information Network (PIN)

Information, peer support, and advocacy designed by parents and professionals to help families with children experiencing serious emotional, behavioral, and mental health challenges. Support groups, family activities, and parent trainings provide opportunities for parents and caregivers to connect and share resources.

First Episode Psychosis
Coordinated Specialty Care

Assist youth diagnosed with a first episode of psychosis and also prevent psychosis for at-risk youth. Youth, families, and educators receive proactive and individualized supports from a culturally diverse team. Services include care coordination, treatment planning, comprehensive assessment diagnosis, individual, family, and group therapy, psycho-education, one-to-one youth support by a peer professional, parent professional, med management, employment services, and flexible spending supports.

Flexible Intensive Response Support Team (FIRST)

Services included in Flexible Individual and Family Supports are community-based, highly individualized interventions which are intended to prevent out-of-home placement, sustain the child or adolescent in their family’s natural environment, and assist them in integration into the community.

These services, which may be provided by a multiplicity of sources, offer supports that are not available through other DMH programs or community resources to promote the achievement of identified treatment goals. All Flexible Support programs have designated staff who are responsible for the development and monitoring of the child’s Program Specific Treatment Plan and coordination Interagency Team activities, including arrangement for services approved by an Interagency Team.

Brockton After School Enrichment

A day services program is a voluntary, highly structured, therapeutic milieu for children or adolescents who have serious emotional disturbance or mental illness. Day services programs are designed to provide a bridge between acute or long-term care settings and other community based programs or to maintain the child or adolescent in the community.

The primary purpose of day services is to provide supervision and support around problem solving, communication and relationship building for clients whose stabilization is fragile, and whose symptoms interfere with their ability to be integrated into family, school and community activities. Day services programs are available to children and adolescents who require interventions beyond what the school, family and traditional outpatient services can provide.

The Clubhouse

Clubhouse programs provide an intergenerational Psychosocial Rehabilitation Service, that ensures culturally and linguistically responsive support through a membership-based community center designed assists Members to:

  • Increase their community integration through natural supports, interpersonal relationships, and the utilization of community resources;
  • Become more self-sufficient through self-advocacy, education, and employment;
  • Enhance general health and wellness;
  • Maintain housing;
  • Minimize and/or eliminate disparities experienced by members and communities that have historically been underserved and marginalized; and
  • Participate fully in, and enjoy, their community of choice 

Staff and DMH Active Members work together in all aspects of Clubhouse operation including maintaining a central physical site and an online presence. A Clubhouse’s physical site(s) accommodates the size and needs of its diverse Membership, including being accessible via public transportation and to Persons with Disabilities.

The daily activities of Clubhouse operation are organized around a set structure. Components of Clubhouse Services include Community Linkage, Employment Services, Education Services, Housing Supports, Health and Wellness Services, Social and Recreational Services, and Reach-out Services. Services are provided in accordance with DMH Active Members’ Action Plans and/or as necessary to maintain the health and safety of the Member. They are not clinically oriented.

Young Adult Access Center

The Young Adult Access Center (YAAC) provides a safe environment for SEA young adults to socialize, connect, and build positive healthy relationships. YAAC includes personal hygiene/laundry facilities, recreation center, meeting/training rooms, access to transition facilitator, and mental health clinician for those in need.

The purpose of this amendment is to support BAMSI’s strategic initiative on recruitment and retention of qualified employees. In addition to offering a competitive rate, BAMSI offers the following benefits: evidence-based learning and professional development opportunities, flexible spending and child care, 403B retirement planning, a flexible schedule that allows employees to attend to their own life needs, and a generous paid time off plan.

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