First Episode Psychosis

Holistic supports To Treat & Thrive

“Our compassionate, supportive and knowledgeable team are the key to destigmatizing perceptions and misunderstandings around psychosis. Instilling hope in our youth and families that you can recover and live a thriving, healthy life even after a psychotic episode is crucial in our work. We want them to know that they are capable of building resiliency and to believe that things will get better with the right supports.”

Charles Soldevilla
Program Director, Coordinated Specialty Care - First Episode Psychosis

The Coordinated Specialty Care - First Episode Psychosis (FEP) Team at BAMSI serves youth in the Brockton community who are experiencing a first-time psychotic episode or who may be at risk of later developing a psychotic episode by providing them comprehensive, community-based wraparound services. As a team, we walk alongside the youth and family towards a path of holistic wellness and thriving.

We primarily serve residents ages 13-22 in the City of Brockton, but also serve those in Abington, Avon, Bridgewater, East Bridgewater, Easton, Holbrook, Rockland, Stoughton, West Bridgewater, and Whitman.

Our model is to first provide early intervention through human, relational engagement. Using a culturally aware, recovery oriented and strengths-based approach, we respectfully collaborate to destigmatize mental illness and instill hope for a successful recovery.

This  will encompass uniquely tailored services according to the identified needs of the youth and family based on the clinical assessment. Through shared decision making, an evidence-based treatment plan is developed. Services may include individual therapy, family or group therapy, medication management, case management, employment/education support, psychoeducation, and mentoring.

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BAMSI's First Episode Psychosis program is funded by the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health


BAMSI Kids supports children and adolescents with emotional and behavioral needs. We work with multidisciplinary teams in public schools and operate a special program for children experiencing more serious mental illnesses that tend to appear during adolescence. Kids learn how to manage their symptoms, make healthy choices, and be active members of their community; building friendships and support systems that can last a lifetime.

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