Extra Distance Winner

2020 Ruth Hurley Honoree

Jeff Wing

Jeff Wing, Senior Nurse Manager is a 2020 Ruth Hurley award recipient; similar to Batman, Captain America and the other DC and Marvel characters, Jeff is an inspiring leader with a strong moral compass.  He is confident in his abilities, but is very humble in his approach.  He is a mentor to others, has an upbeat personality and can-do attitude.  
When thinking of Jeff’s signature power, I was struggling with just one.  Jeff has many attributes which make him stand out.  Jeff is a great nurse with sharp assessment and treatment skills; he is organized and is very detailed.  If I was to highlight just one of Jeff’s Signature strengths it would be his person-centered approach.  Jeff recognizes the fears, dreams, interests and skills of persons served and creates an individualized approach to ensure optimal care.  Jeff – thank you for all you do and congratulations!

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