Extra Distance Winners

May 2019

Joseph Thevenin

Adult Services

According to his nominators, “Joseph always considers the needs of persons served and staff, approaching each issue with determination, follow-through and compassion.” Described as ‘unfailingly positive,’ Joseph approaches his day with gratitude. Joseph willingly and cheerfully welcomed an 8-person group home to his intensive behavioral group home, tripling the number of people served on his caseload. When he noticed a subtle change in the medical status of a person from the intensive behavioral home, he acted quickly to summon help, which revealed a serious medical condition. Joseph visited this person in a Boston hospital almost daily, making it known to the staff that he was there to advocate for this individual, often working beyond his regular 8 hour shift. When there was a small fire at his group home, Joseph remained completely calm, calling 911, while helping the person responsible understand the error in a respectful and compassionate way. He views his fellow staff members as valued members of the team and plays to their strengths. His commitment to persons served is infectious.

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