Extra Distance Winners

May 2019

Karen Harrison

Adult Services

Karen possesses passion and drive to provide excellent care, she’s known for her hard work and dedication to persons served. Also known for her colorful and bubbly personality, she works tirelessly to ensure that individuals are provided with a safe and nurturing home environment so they can achieve as much independence as possible. In fact, her dedication seems unmatched as she drove through the night to find a hotel after a power outage, only to have to switch hotels the following day. She is also known to have moved an entire program from one location to another in 8 hours and cleaning the basement after a flood. She waited patiently for an individual to awake from surgery to the person would see a familiar face. Families have come to depend on Karen’s warm spirit and often look to her for support for their loved one during difficult times, even spending time outside of her regular work hours to celebrate holidays and birthdays. She has also mentored many managers outside of her cluster and shows the team her ‘honest persistence.’

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