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Adult Community Clinical Services

Adult Community Clinical Services (ACCS) is designed to improve the quality of life and support the recovery process of adults with mental illness. The ACCS service delivery model facilitates persons served moving towards the greatest level of independence and community integration possible.

ACCS provides comprehensive services to individuals referred to BAMSI from the Department of Mental Health.  ACCS utilizes a recovery-based model through person-centered care which dictates the active involvement of the individual served and his/her support network in the development of the Community Service Plan (CSP), as well as in the implementation of the treatment and rehabilitation interventions. Engaging and supporting clients through a strengths-based, person-centered process requires listening, establishing rapport, and maintaining a therapeutic relationship while working collaboratively.

Meeting the person served where they are and assisting them through treatment and rehabilitation interventions, while helping to create environments rich in opportunity and empathy, offer the individual the greatest hope for recovery which is what we strive for at ACCS. Our program includes a variety of components: clinical services, integration of Care Coordination entities, Peer Support and Recovery Coaching, Family Engagement and Support, Housing and Supports, Services to Support Employment and Education, and services to connect persons to natural supports . Our staff provides supports to persons served that vary from a few hours per week to 24 hours per day. The integral components of ACCS are interwoven throughout all service components and addressed in each person’s Community Service Plan (CSP).

Adult Community Clinical Services is located at 375 Westgate Drive in Brockton.

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