Development/Intellectual Disabilities & Autism Services

In-Home Support

In-Home Support provides assistance to adults with developmental or intellectual disabilities as well as those with an acquired brain injury who live in their own homes but need some support in order to do so.

This program supports persons served who enjoy living independently in the community and offers assistance to maintain a stable and fulfilling environment. BAMSI staff meets with persons served in their own homes and provides assistance.

This service is specifically tailored to meet the needs of each individual to help with activities and tasks such as managing finances, medical issues, self-administration of medication, meal planning and preparation, shopping, travel training, getting along with neighbors, and making good choices. Staff members meet with persons served for as few as two or as many as 30 hours per week, depending upon the needs of the individual served. Staff can also provide advocacy as needed.

Eligibility for In-Home Support is determined by the Department of Development Services (DDS), the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission or the Money Follows the Person Residential Supports Waiver.

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