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Read to Succeed

Read to Succeed provides a unique educational experience designed to improve the reading and writing skills as well as sense of self-worth of court- involved youth.

Read to Succeed provides opportunities for academic achievement and personal growth for students ages 14-16. The program enrolls up to 12 youth who work in small groups at the juvenile courthouse in Brockton for 12 week sessions. The program provides basic literacy skills including decoding, fluency, and reading comprehension. A variety of educational and creative strategies are utilized. Our staff includes a clinician and a certified teacher who work in collaboration with local probation officers and court clinicians.

The goal of the Read to Succeed program is to

  • Offer court- involved youth a unique educational experience that will improve their academic skills;
  • Help develop student self-esteem;
  • Improve student confidence;
  • Celebrate student success;
  • Once goals have been met, students participate in a graduation ceremony.

Read to Succeed is a program of BAMSI’s Children, Family and Community Services Division that integrates the principles of Wraparound; a philosophy of care that includes the youth and family in every stage of the planning process. Services are individualized and strength-based and are geared toward reaching a positive set of outcomes. BAMSI’s Home Based Team believes that long term sustainability can be achieved and maintained through the use of student commitment, family support, community support, and natural resources to follow up on student success.

Services include:

  • Reading and writing assessments;
  • On-site clinician;
  • Comfortable classroom atmosphere;
  • Supportive staff;
  • Opportunities to share and participate;
  • Alternative to community service;
  • Self-esteem building;
  • Graduation Ceremony

Read to Succeed operates under a closed referral process with referrals coming directly from the Brockton Juvenile Probation Department.

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