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The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has contracted with Technical Assistance Collaborative (TAC) to provide Statewide Wraparound Coaches to support the 32 Community Service Agencies (CSAs) in Massachusetts. BAMSI has two CSA staff who serves as state-wide CSA coaches.

The purpose of coaching is to assist the CSAs in providing high fidelity Wraparound to youth and families served. High fidelity Wraparound adheres to the 10 principles of Wraparound: Family Voice and Choice, Team-Based, Collaboration, Culturally Competent, Outcome-Based, Individualized, Community-Based, Natural Supports, Strengths-Based, and Persistence.

At the BAMSI CSA, two employees have been hired by TAC as Wraparound Coaches. They provide Statewide Coaching as well as BAMSI specific Wraparound Coaching. The Coaching can be provided by telephone, on site at the individual CSA, upon request, and at Regional Learning Groups with CSA leadership.

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