Rosemary Miller

Speech and Language Therapist

Adult Services

It is said of Rosie, that she is one of the go-to people in the Adult Services Division. She covers many programs but is always the one willing to take on any new task to help an individual or to provide incredible support across various programs. Rosie works diligently and creatively providing innovative solutions to

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Allison Hobart

Operations Supervisor

Children, Family & Community Services Division

Allison Hobart is the hub of the many daily activities that occur at BAMSI’s Whitman Counseling Center.  As the Operations Supervisor, Allison’s role supporting clinicians, clinical supervisors, and the administrative team overseeing submission of billing, scheduling and the myriad of tasks that are necessary in this very busy center.  During the recent medical leave of

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Gretchen McHugh

Nutrition Assistant

Children, Family, and Community Services

Gretchen is a Nutrition Assistant at one of BAMSI’s WIC programs. Gretchen’s “person-served first attitude” is evident and apparent in her work every day.  Gretchen is extraordinarily kind, compassionate and works to build a trusting relationship with each pregnant or parenting mom so that they feel very comfortable being honest and open with her. Gretchen

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