Serving Massachusetts since 1975

Founded in 1975, BAMSI is in the business of “bringing people and services together.” Over the years, we have become one of the most trusted organizations working with children, families, individuals, and seniors to enrich their lives.

BAMSI is committed to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Justice, and Access for all; to creating a holistic system of care that meets people where they are; and abolishing the stigmas surrounding mental illness, disability, and addiction.

At its core, BAMSI is about building connections with people and services. A key component of BAMSI’s philosophy is helping the people we serve build supportive relationships with peers, neighbors, and friends in the community. It’s the people we surround ourselves with that most impact our quality of life and give us the inspiration to follow our passions.

BAMSI believes all individuals and families have the ability to learn, grow, and succeed.

BAMSI transforms lives by building the capacity of individuals, families, organizations, and communities to learn, thrive, and achieve their goals. Our services promote the recovery, resiliency, and self-determination of the people we serve. As a human services leader, we strive to be the provider of choice. With an emphasis on respect and affirming the dignity of the individual, we assist persons served to manage whatever aspect of their life is causing concern. Persons served are offered choices and are empowered to make guided decisions at each step along their journey. They are encouraged to foster relationships in the community and within their families.

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