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“Community to me is a group of people that care about one another. They may be united over an issue like shared healing, or they may just be a group of friends. But it’s people that care about each other enough to create a system of love and support for one another.”

BAMSI Community Member

Humans are hardwired to be social, to seek meaningful connections and form relationships. We suffer when we are forcibly isolated. BAMSI Community creates spaces for people to come together who are living with a physical or intellectual disability, struggling with grief, mental illness, substance use, joblessness, or even the challenges of being a parent. Peer lead programs staffed with trained clinicians and caring advocates help participants overcome obstacles standing in their way.

At its core, BAMSI is about building connections with people and services. A key component of BAMSI’s philosophy is helping the people we serve build supportive relationships with peers, neighbors, and friends. It’s the people we surround ourselves with that most impact our quality of life and give us the inspiration to follow our passions.

BAMSI provides a wide variety of supports to help individuals and our community learn, grow, and thrive.


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