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Working together to help our children succeed

All parents need and deserve support. BAMSI Kids offers resources and support groups for the entire family. PIN helps families with their child's challenging emotional and behavioral needs.

The Parent Information Network is a parent support program designed by parents and professionals, which offers additional assistance for parenting children with serious emotional, behavioral, and mental health challenges. Parent Coordinators are peers who also have children with serious emotional, behavioral, and or mental health challenges.

In partnership with the Department of Mental Health, PIN’s Parent Coordinators can provide one-on-one support, attend school and family meetings, and connect you with the appropriate resources for your family’s unique needs.

Our goals include helping parents gain a sense of competency in parenting through challenges, sustaining parent connection to reduce feelings of stress or isolation as they cope with challenges, and providing additional education of the needs of children with mental health challenges.

Our mission is to empower families and assist them in navigating the system and accessing services and supports for their child or young adult.


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Be a Parent Coordinator

BAMSI is committed to hiring people who have lived experience with mental health issues. Parents who are raising or have raised children with a mental health diagnosis are encouraged to apply to become a Parent Coordinator. Training is provided and hours are flexible and often part-time. Use your experience to support other parents in their journey.

BAMSI's PIN Program is funded by the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health

“There was a time when I thought the worry and loneliness of raising children who struggle with mental health issues was going to crush me. As a parent, I felt like a failure not being able to get my son the supports and services he needed at home and school. And then I found PIN. I found a group of parents who shared in my challenges. Support groups provided me an opportunity to learn what had worked for others and to share what was working for me and my child. When a position opened up to work at PIN, I jumped at it! For the last 13 years, I have had the privilege to provide a listening ear, helpful navigation of systems like MASS HEALTH and DMH, and create trainings, as well as events and activities that give our special kids a safe place to be themselves and enjoy their community.”

Heather Hogan
Program Director, Parent Information Network


BAMSI Kids supports children and adolescents with emotional and behavioral needs. We work with multidisciplinary teams in public schools and operate a special program for children experiencing more serious mental illnesses that tend to appear during adolescence. Kids learn how to manage their symptoms, make healthy choices, and be active members of their community; building friendships and support systems that can last a lifetime.

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