Substance Use Disorder Services

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“ I’ve lived in the city of Brockton basically my whole life. At a very young age I began to struggle with substance use disorder and mental health issues. During the time of my own drug use, I overdosed many times. Luckily, my mother found programs that provided her with Narcan and educated her on how to use it. If those types of programs didn’t exist, I would NOT be alive today. That is why I believe in harm reduction. That is why I am so passionate about the services we provide at the COPE Center.”

Mary Corlin
Program Manager BAMSI’s Community Outreach, Prevention and Education Center

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Harm-reduction services, like those offered by BAMSI’s Community Outreach, Prevention and Education Center, buy time. When someone who uses drugs comes to the COPE Center, they may not be ready to enter treatment yet.
By exchanging used needles for clean ones to prevent the spread of HIV or Hepatitis, distributing Narcan to counteract an overdose, or provide warm clothes to stop someone from freezing to death on the street, COPE provides life-saving services for populations who are at increased risk of premature death.

BAMSI provides free harm-reduction supplies such as clean replacement syringes, condoms, and other materials to reduce the risk of sexual transmission.

“COPE builds trust with people who use drugs by meeting them where they are in their journey without judgment. By providing low-barrier services, people get into care and treatment sooner.”

Jesse Pack
Director of HIV Services at BAMSI

Once someone is ready to accept treatment, COPE staff will set them up with one of BAMSI’s Substance Use Disorder specialists and help them receive the detox and recovery services they need.

Everyone is welcome at the COPE Center, located at
74 Pleasant Street in Brockton.

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