Youth Coordinated Care

Empowering our youth

“I don’t know what I would have done without them. The saved my family during the most difficult time of my life. They have gone above and beyond to support my family. They always answer the phones and talk me through each situation that arises. They are Heroes to the community in their support for families of children with Mental Health disorders.”

BAMSI’s Youth Coordinated Care specializes in supporting children with serious behavioral or mental health challenges. We engage the whole family in a child-centered wraparound model that values family voice and choice. Multidisciplinary teams work collaboratively with youth and parents to tailor services to the family’s unique strengths, values, and preferences.

In addition to clinicians, intensive care coordinators, therapeutic mentors, and certified child psychiatrists, teams include “parent professionals” who have personal experience raising a child with severe emotional, behavioral, or mental health challenges. Parent/Peer Professionals draw on their own life experiences to help families navigate the more personal aspects of raising a child in need of mental health services become a parent professional here.

“As we know, our families have a difficult enough time trying to manage in an already difficult world, but when you add mental health, and then place a bad experience on top of that, it can be devastating. Unfortunately, it takes one bad experience to wipe out fifty good ones. . . The meeting yesterday with [BAMSI’s Psychiatric Nurse Consultant], allowed my family the opportunity to ask the questions, share their concerns, and not feel anything but valued! Witnessing my family shed tears

of joy, feeling heard by someone other than myself, and more importantly a provider, was indescribable. I am so thankful and truly blessed for the team support and unification we have here at the CSA!”

Nancy L. LePage, Intensive Care Coordinator, BAMSI Community Service Agency of the Brockton Area

More than just coordinating appointments and provider relationships, Youth Care Coordination includes access to family therapy, community advocacy, education and school assistance, therapeutic mentoring, support groups, and whatever else your child needs to grow, learn, and thrive.

“Fear and anxiety can take over your life but with the right support you can face your fears and ease your anxiety.”

Deemond/Ludwick Family

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