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“Clubhouses are communities of people who are dedicated to one another’s success, no matter how long it takes or how difficult it is.”

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BAMSI’s Clubhouse offers people living with mental illness a community where they can learn, grow, and thrive.

BAMSI's Clubhouse Program is funded by the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health

Based on an internationally recognized model, Clubhouse members take an active role in operations and work with staff to develop skills in social networking, independent living, budgeting, accessing transportation, self-care, maintaining educational goals, dual recovery peer supports and securing and retaining employment.

The Clubhouse is dedicated to supporting individuals in their recovery and help improve their quality of life. Members are encouraged to develop their personal strengths in order to increase community integration, become more self-sufficient, enhance their general health, maintain safe and affordable housing, reduce experiences of disparity, participate fully in and enjoy their community of choice.

The Clubhouse is a social hub where members engage in activities, build friendships, and develop leadership skills. Some Clubhouse members serve on the Clubhouse Advisory Board, while others oversee tasks within the Clubhouse itself, like giving tours or preparing meals.

Members can get help enrolling in school, earning their GED, finding housing, navigating social situations, or even securing employment. A true supportive community, members often act as mentors to each other, sharing experiences and supporting one another on their journey.

The Clubhouse community helps eliminate disadvantages experienced by people living with mental health issues so they can live fulfilling lives and be fully a part of their communities.

Quarterly Advisory
Board Meeting

Activities Offered

Daily activities are organized around a structured Work Ordered Day. Members have daily opportunities to work on life skills, health and wellness goals, or explore opportunists for continuing education and employment.


Each member has equal access to all services, on-site, off-site, and remotely. BAMSI staff schedule regular telephone and Zoom sessions to allow Members to participate remotely to make access more convenient.

The Clubhouse is located at 728 Belmont Street, Brockton, MA 02301
For more information about the Clubhouse, please call

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