Adult Community Clinical Services

Together we
can do so much

I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder back in ‘76, which lead to psychosis and schizophrenia. There weren’t a lot of treatment options back then, but I tried all of them. There was a four year period where I heard voices around the clock. Then, in 1986 I was finally put on a dosage of clozapine that worked and the voices stopped. . . but I was left with major depression and anxiety. So, I can relate to the peers I’m working with and can fall back on my illness/wellness journey to help them. If I can leave my peers in a better place, then I’ve done a good job.

Mark Reedy
Peer Specialist, BAMSI

Through Adult Community Clinical Services, adults with mental health needs living in the community can access additional supports to help them remain independent. Clinicians, housing counselors, community support specialists, nurses, and peers work with individuals in their own apartments and homes. Services can vary in frequency and intensity depending on the needs of the individual. Everything is tailored to the person being helped.

When more comprehensive supports are needed, BAMSI, in partnership with the Department of Mental Health, operates several highly structured residential programs where residents have access to treatment, skill building activities, and counseling.

Through supported community living, individuals are guided to reach their personal goals for independence. When ready, multidisciplinary teams help transition each person to a more independent living situation.

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