Day Habilitation

Come join the fun!

BAMSI Day Habilitation Programs provide a supportive space for people living with developmental or intellectual disabilities or traumatic brain injuries to build skills and make friends.

Daily activities give everyone the support and attention they need to reach their personal goals. Caring staff create individualized treatment plans that encourage independence, enhance social activity, and improve quality of life.

It’s the social aspect of BAMSI’s Day Habilitation programs that make them special. Even exercising or working on a difficult new skill can be fun if you have friends around to cheer you on. Theme days, art projects, and celebrating milestones are just a few of the reasons we repeatedly hear the people we serve say going to their Day Habilitation program is the best part of their day.

Some of the services provided at BAMSI’s Day Habilitation Programs include physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech/language therapy. Staff also help participants develop their social skills and prepare for employment.

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