Young Adult Access Center

A Safe Place for Connection

“It’s great to be able to offer a safe and welcoming space for young adults of all backgrounds to hang out and learn from one another without having to worry about all the barriers that normally come with traditional youth programs.”

Darryl Huggins
Program Director, Young Adult Access Center

The Young Adult Access Center (YAAC) provides a safe environment for young adults to socialize, connect, and build positive healthy relationships.

YAAC includes personal hygiene and laundry facilities, recreation center, meeting and training rooms, access to a transition facilitator, and mental health resources and information are provided as needed.

BAMSI's Young Adult Access Center is funded by the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health

BAMSI’s Young Adult Access Center provides SEA young adults with a safe environment where they can socialize, connect, and build healthy relationships in a friendly, safe environment. Along with personal hygiene and washing facilities, YAAC has a recreation center, meeting and training rooms, a transition facilitator, mental health information, resources, access to transition facilitators, and a recreation center.

YAAC can provide you with a wide range of services including education, career counseling, and planning for a successful career change. Tours of colleges and universities. Peer mentoring and leadership training for young adults. Workshops on living independently, social skills, meal planning, and trades. Recreational activities and outings with the community. Getting to know people with similar interests. Giving young adults a voice. Membership in the Young Adult Leadership Council.

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BAMSI Community

At the heart of BAMSI, we believe that creating connections between people and services is what makes it so effective. It is a fundamental component of BAMSI’s philosophy that we work hard to help the people we serve to develop supportive relationships with peers, neighbors, and friends in their communities. It is the people we surround ourselves with who have the greatest impact on our quality of life, and who give us the inspiration to pursue our passions and strive for success.

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