CEO Message Regarding Vaccination at BAMSI

CEO Message Regarding Vaccination at BAMSI

CEO Message Regarding Vaccination at BAMSI

As an agency, we are committed to  protecting the health and safety of the people we serve, our employees and the broader community in which we work and live. Each of you has gone above and beyond during this pandemic to care for and protect the vulnerable by adopting evidence based, scientifically proven, best practices. Thank you for all you do.

Many of you have heard that agencies similar to BAMSI are now mandating the vaccine for all employees. Like us, they believe the vaccine to be safe, effective, and our best shot at returning to a normal way of life. Although BAMSI is not mandating the vaccine for employees at this time, we strongly encourage all staff to choose to become vaccinated as soon as possible.

I understand some members of the BAMSI community are reluctant to get the vaccine. There has been a lot of misinformation circulated on the internet and historically the medical community has not always acted in the best interest of all populations. If you have questions about the vaccine, our VP of Health Services, Barbara Gordon, has an excellent 30 minute virtual training on the science and safety of the vaccine. You can learn more about these trainings and register by clicking here.

Our own Cathy Todd recently recorded a short PSA about her own reluctance and ultimate decision to become vaccinated in order to protect herself and our community. You can watch it here.  Thank you Cathy for sharing your story!

It is very likely that the state of Massachusetts will expand its vaccine mandate to include BAMSI in the near future. Although we are not mandating vaccination for employees at this time, you should prepare for a state vaccine requirement. Once you are vaccinated, you can enter a drawing just for BAMSI employees to win $250 every week from now until Thanksgiving. The sooner you are vaccinated and registered, the more chances you have to win. Visit BAMSI.Info/ShotWin to register!

If you are vaccinated, please make sure HR has a copy of your vaccination card or proof of vaccination.  You can send vaccine information to

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