First Round of Salary Increases Begins July 1

First Round of Salary Increases Begins July 1

First Round of Salary Increases Begins July 1

BAMSI is continually working to do more to support its employees. In the past year, we have responded to requests to make getting paid for shifts easier through Daily Pay, work schedules more flexible, policies fairer, and hiring new staff faster. In addition, we have launched a new Employee Recognition Program, Employee Wellness Program, and Tuition Assistance Program. Most importantly, BAMSI has been working on cutting costs so it can increase pay.

Beginning in July, BAMSI is proud to launch the initial roll out of salary increases for its employees. Direct care, nursing, program managers, and assistant directors in Residential Services will see a change in their paycheck beginning July. Increases for these positions will first take place as a stipend while payroll and HR make the necessary changes to the system. As system updates are completed, stipends will be replaced by the new higher hourly rates.

This is just the first step in a comprehensive plan to review the compensation of every position within BAMSI. BAMSI will continue to lobby the legislature to recognize the true value of the work we do but realizes that in the meantime, it cannot wait for the state to act. BAMSI is finding creative ways to fund these increases because it believes it is the right thing to do.

In addition to pay raises, BAMSI is working hard to find other meaningful ways to support its employees. For example, new programs to help employees advance along their chosen career path through educational partnerships, leadership opportunities, and tuition assistance are being created in direct response to staff requests. BAMSI wants to be an employer of choice, a place where our dedicated and companionate staff can learn, grow, and thrive while providing essential services for the most vulnerable in our communities.

Please look out from accompanying messages from leadership relative to the actual dollar amounts that pertain to you (Nursing, Nurse Managers, Residential Counselors, Assistant Directors and Managers, Assistant Program Directors, Program Managers, Program Directors, Day Support Professionals, Developmental Specialists, Community Support Specialists, Senior Recovery Coaches, Peer Specialists, Rehab Counselors and Coordinators, Senior Rehab Counselors, Float LPN’s and Respite Site Specialists)


If you have questions or concerns, please call or email Ulea Lago, BAMSI’s Executive Administration Officer. She will collate all inquiries and produce a Frequently Asked Question bulletin, distributed by email and appearing in the Buzz. Tel 508 484 7114

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