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Recognizing Persons Served Through the Dan Shea Award

July 14, 2021 MyBAMSI

The Dan Shea Award has been a long-standing BAMSI tradition. Named for the former Assistant Area Director of what is now DDS, this award honors the outstanding achievements of persons served by BAMSI. Each month, the Persons Served Advisory Board selects a deserving winner from nominations submitted, the recipient is recognized with a certificate, and is celebrated at that month’s Persons Served Advisory Board meeting.


The Person Served Advisory Board recently updated the Dan Shea Award, providing a focused theme or characteristic each month that the Persons Served being nominated should exemplify. For example, August, celebrates Overcoming Adversity, while September is all about Compassion. You can find the nomination form along with the monthly themes here:


The Dan Shea Award is separate from the Employee Recognition Program, which acknowledges exceptional BAMSI staff. The Employee Recognition nomination will be sent out monthly. August’s nomination form can be found here:


Questions about the Dan Shea Award can be directed to Katie Driscoll or Jill Conlon

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