BAMSI Receives Funding to Expand Behavioral Health Services

BAMSI Receives Funding to Expand Behavioral Health Services

BAMSI Receives Funding to Expand Behavioral Health Services


Ulea Lago

Executive Vice President Strategy and Business Development




BAMSI Receives Funding to Expand Behavioral Health Services


Brockton, MA [September 30, 2022] – BAMSI is proud to announce that it has been awarded over $5 million in funding from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), through its Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).


The funding, part of two separate granting processes that will be distributed over a five-year period, will enable BAMSI to establish a certified community behavioral health clinic (CCBHC) to serve Brockton and the surrounding communities, while expanding its ability to meet the behavioral health needs of people who either are at risk for contracting or are living with HIV/AIDS.


“This funding will be instrumental in bringing much-needed services to the most vulnerable among us,” said BAMSI CEO, Peter Evers, noting that individuals facing health disparities will be a particular focus of outreach and engagement efforts.


“Increased accessibility to community-based care is an absolute necessity when it comes to effectively addressing the opiate and mental health crisis facing our communities.”


CCBHC’s are specially designed clinics that provide a comprehensive range of mental health and substance use disorder services, in essence serving as a one-stop-shop for behavioral health assistance. Notably, CCHBC’s provide 24/7 access to care to those in crisis, including children and adolescents with serious emotional disturbances.

In addition, SAMHAS’s funding prioritizes curbing HIV/AIDS transmission among people who have mental illnesses or substance use disorders (SUDs) and linking to HIV care Americans who have HIV and co-occurring mental illness and/or SUDs.


Over the next four years, the SAMHSA funding will enable BAMSI to provide hundreds of local residents in need with range of outreach, screening, assessment, treatment, care coordination, and recovery supports. Through collaborative partnerships with community-based organizations and healthcare providers, BAMSI’s ultimate goal is to create a sustainable system to effectively meet the evolving behavioral health needs of the community.



BAMSI is a private 501c3 nonprofit human service organization that helps people live more independent and healthful lives by providing a comprehensive network of services addressing developmental and intellectual disabilities, mental illness, and substance use.


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