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New Start Brain Injury Community Center

The New Start Brain Injury Community Center is located in Worcester and is designed to serve adults (22+) who have been impacted by an acquired or traumatic brain injury.

New Start’s services are individualized and member-driven. New Start provides members with a variety of supports that increase community integration through natural supports, building interpersonal relationships, and utilizing resources so members become more self-sufficient through education, employment and self-advocacy.

Members are part of a community who participate in all essential program functions and operations. Empowering members to fully achieve their maximum level of independence, self-worth and dignity are vital components and overall goals of New Start.

Eligibility for New Start includes documentation of an Acquired Brain Injury as well as a referral from the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC).  For those not referred by MRC, BAMSI will work to ensure there is verification of a brain injury and that the referral meets the general criteria of the New Start Brain Injury Community Center and MRC.

New Start’s Services Include:

  • Community linkages utilizing natural supports that assist members in navigating the service network in the Worcester Area;
  • Employment services including job coaching and maintaining a relationship with the working member and his/her employer;
  • Benefits and career counseling enabling members to understand the impact on benefits while accessing available work opportunities;
  • Education services to increase academic abilities and attain marketable skills;
  • Life skills designed to increase independence and self-sufficiency;
  • Health and wellness services promoting medication management, personal well-being, nutrition with an overall emphasis on safe and healthy lifestyle choices;
  • Social and recreational services including increased awareness of social relationships, development and maintaining of friendships, as well as appropriate events and activities;
  • Transportation and assistance with transportation is provided;
  • A healthy, nutritious lunch is provided Monday through Friday with members involved in menu planning, grocery shopping and meal preparation.

New Start is located at 15 Salem Street, Worcester.

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