Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse

HIV/STD Testing Services

BAMSI offers an array of testing procedures designed to promote and encourage the health and well being of those individuals in the Brockton and Plymouth areas.

BAMSI offers 4th generation serum HIV testing with results available in a week.  The test determines if HIV antigens and/or antibodies are present.  Positive results signify that the HIV antigens and/or HIV antibodies have been detected, indicating infection. Negative results mean that HIV antigens and/or antibodies have not been detected.   Re-testing is sometimes recommended if someone has engaged in high risk behaviors during two weeks before being tested.

BAMSI also offer serum Hepatitis C antibody testing and syphilis testing as well as urine screening for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea.  All test results are available within two weeks time.  All testing is available by appointment.  Test results are returned in approximately one week.  Following the completion of any testing, BAMSI staff work to emphasize the importance of scheduling an appointment with a health care provider.  Furthermore, when positive test results are given, BAMSI staff works to support the individual in finding a suitable health care professional and/or a case manager if appropriate.

 All testing is FREE and CONFIDENTIAL.

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