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Working to support community integration for those with an acquired or traumatic brain injury, BAMSI staff works to provide comprehensive employment services with a goal of enabling persons served to secure community-based employment.

Each person is entitled to fair, competitive wages and access to employer-sponsored benefits. BAMSI believes that all persons should have opportunities to perform work that is valued and improves the quality of their lives. Training and support is especially important for those individuals who are motivated to work and every effort is given to match persons served to secure employment that matches their career goals and interests.

Employment Services are offered to adults who are impacted from an acquired or traumatic brain injury. BAMSI staff works to secure full-time, part-time, and volunteer positions with employers throughout the community. BAMSI employment specialists work with local employers to make appropriate matches between individuals seeking employment and employers, based on individual interests and needs. Once a job is secured, the individual then receives on-the-job training to ensure successful, long-term employment.

The employment specialist provides ongoing support through job site visits, phone calls, and meetings with the individual outside of the work setting, phone calls to the employer, as well as communication with family and/or residential staff to identify and address any issues. The employment specialist and the person served continue to meet one-on-one to address work-related issues and concerns, such as work ethics, transportation, and the impact of wage earnings on disability benefits. Current and past employers of individuals served include Abington Public Schools, Good Samaritan Medical Center, Fed Ex, Stop and Shop, Therapedic Mattress Company, Wal-Mart, and Work Out World.

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